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Colour management is one of those areas where even experienced photographers often struggle, though who can blame them when the whole thing sounds like it was translated from Chinese into English by somebody who couldn’t speak either language…

In an age where photographers have unprecedented control with digital photography a good working knowledge of colour management is essential to ensure that everything turns out consistently as intended, while also cutting down massively on wasted time and money.

This eBook was written specifically to help photographers cut through the confusion with practical advice and solutions that can be adapted to your needs, whether you are a frustrated amateur battling with a photo lab or a professional who requires a fully developed colour workflow across multiple forms of visual media. Colour Management Pro can help you avoid the pain of errors and discover the pleasure of operating a correctly setup colour workflow.

About the author

Ashley Karyl is a professional photographer, X-Rite Coloratti Pro, Phase One ambassador and colour management specialist. Over the years he has worked on assignments in Australia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

His work has been used by clients such as Cerruti 1881, IO Donna, Collistar, J Walter Thompson, La Rinascente, Rimmel, Neutro Roberts, Kelemata, Kérastase, Marie Claire, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy One, IPC Media, TBWA, Arnoldo Mondadori, Rizzoli, Euro RSCG, Microsoft, Hachette, Adidas, City Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Boots Group, Colgate Palmolive, etc.

Colour Management Pro

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“With the information in this book I created a completely color managed photography workflow in under a day” – Gemma Smith

“Monitor profiles, printer profiles, working colour spaces… Color management could confuse anybody until now, but Ashley Karyl has produced a book that is easy to follow with enough depth to cover everything you’re ever likely to need when it comes to color management” – Simon Plant Photographer

“Color Management Pro is witty, interesting and always practical” – Michael Fraser

“All our photographic productions are fully color managed and Colour Management Pro provides superb practical information” – Luca Fazzi; Director of PH.Crew productions

Colour Management Pro eBook

A brand new eBook with HD videos offering practical guidance on colour management plus information for using Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Elements and Pixelmator.

Colour Management made easy for photographers


Ashley Karyl

Available for immediate download