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20th of June 2017

Filming X-Rite Videos at Pinewood Studios

Ashley Karyl will be filming video tutorials at Pinewood studios with CameraJabber, covering the i1Display Pro, ColorMunki Display, ColorMunki Photo and the ColorChecker Passport Photo. These will appear on the CameraJabber website.

28th of April 2017

Festival Of Colour

Colour management consultancy workshop

In the month of May, Ashley Karyl will be at Calumet stores in London and Manchester for the Festival Of Colour to answer questions and offer advice about colour management.

20th of February 2017

Colour Management For The Next Generation

In addition to writing some online articles for various photographic websites, Ashley Karyl, the author of Colour Management Pro, will soon be starting a series of lectures with various UK universities to guide students with the best workflow practices.

The aim is to ensure that they start their careers in photography with a good knowledge of how colour management improves their photographic quality, while saving time and money.

16th of May 2016

Need more help?

Colour management consultancy workshop

We are very happy to say that since releasing the book last September, just two technical questions have been received about colour management, so clearly the explanations make sense and everybody is learning without problems.

For those based in the UK who feel they still want specialist help in person, feel free to email us via the contact page with details of what you need. Later in the year we also plan to organise small groups of one day workshops on colour management as well.

8th of March 2016

Colour Management Pro Twitter Competition

Colour Management Pro eBook

Here is a chance to win a free copy of Colour Management Pro through our Twitter competition ending on the 30th of March 2016. To enter the competition simply retweet this message from our Twitter feed to your followers.

The winner will be announced on the 31st of March. *Terms & Conditions apply.

1) You may only tweet one time.

2) If selected as the winner you will be contacted and requested to supply the requested contact details to receive the free download.

3) All decisions for the competition are at our discretion and final.

4) You must reply within 7 days of contact with your details to receive the download.

5) The winner will be announced on the 31st of March.

11th of January 2016

Grab a free copy of Colour Management Pro

X-Rite Book Bundle Promotion

We are very pleased to announce that X-Rite will be running a promotion offering a free copy of Colour Management Pro until the 28th of February if you purchase an i1Display Pro from a participating dealer in the UK. To learn more visit

21st of September 2015

Phase One 10% discount on Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro Promotion

Phase One are the manufacturers of superb digital backs for medium format cameras but they also make the highly regarded Capture One Pro software that can be used by anybody with practically any modern DSLR.

For managing your image catalogue, processing Raw files and printing your images Capture One Pro is the choice of professionals. As an added bonus when purchasing this book you will be able to obtain a 10% discount on any upgrade or new perpetual licence of Capture One Pro.

UPDATE: This offer closed on the 3rd of April 2017.

21st of September 2015

Exclusive 10% discount on X-Rite photo equipment

X-Rite Promotion

X-Rite is the biggest name in colour management and they have kindly agreed to provide a exclusive 10% discount on X-Rite photo products to all readers of this book until the 31st of January 2016.

This is a great opportunity for the readers of Colour Management Pro, whether amateur or professional to gain further benefits by acquiring some fantastic X-Rite photo equipment at lower than usual prices, so they can really put all that good theory into practice thanks to excellent savings on products that will enhance your colour images and editing for many years to come. For further information see the FAQ page.

21st of September 2015

New colour management eBook released

color management

After more than three years of planning, research and writing we are very pleased to announce the release of Colour Management Pro as a PDF eBook including bonus items such as HD video tutorials, downloadable resources and promotional discounts on related products.

Although mainly written from a photographer's perspective the information is just as relevant to designers or anybody who needs an efficient & practical solution to ensure their colour images are consistently accurate and will reproduce well across a range of media types from a small web image or photo lab print right up to a massive billboard.

For any enquiries, including media, please use the contact page form.

“With the information in this book I created a completely color managed photography workflow in under a day” – Gemma Smith

“Monitor profiles, printer profiles, working colour spaces… Color management could confuse anybody until now, but Ashley Karyl has produced a book that is easy to follow with enough depth to cover everything you’re ever likely to need when it comes to color management” – Simon Plant Photographer

“Color Management Pro is witty, interesting and always practical” – Michael Fraser

“All our photographic productions are fully color managed and Colour Management Pro provides superb practical information” – Luca Fazzi; Director of PH.Crew productions

Colour Management Pro eBook

A brand new eBook with HD videos offering practical guidance on colour management plus information for using Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Elements and Pixelmator.

Colour Management made easy for photographers


Ashley Karyl

Available for immediate download